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Is this really private?

Yes! There is an 8' privacy fence between this side of the duplex and the other side, and entrances are on opposite sides of the house.  The rest of the yard has 6' high privacy fences.  One you are in the bedroom, bathroom and back yard, no one can see you.  If you want privacy in the kitchen and living room, simply close the living room drapes, and Voila!  you are in your own private hideaway.   Shed those clothes and enjoy.

How can the mineral water temperature be adjustable?

There is a one square mile aquifer under downtown Truth or Consequences (which was actually called Hot Springs until 1950), but each pocket of mineral water has its own temperature.  The commercial hot springs establishments came about when water wells tapped into hot water.  This well tapped into a cool pocket, with a natural temperature of about 80 degrees as it comes out of the Earth.  Aquarius Soak & Chill has an on-demand heater near the pump and soaking tub, connect to a regular red faucet.  So when you turn on the hot water faucet, the water is diverted through the heater before coming out the faucet.  The cold (blue) faucet brings the water directly from the well into the shower heads or soaking tub.  But NO chemically treated city water is added; there is NO hook-up to city water--it ALL comes from the mineral water well, so YOU control how the hot and cold water are mixed.  If the water comes out of the Earth hot, there is no way to cool it down immediately;  but there is a way to heat it and have it all be natural as it comes from Mother Earth.  It is wonderful in the summer to be able to have NO hot water and just straight from the well cool water!

Where do I park?

Park on the 'packing pad' between the house and the sidewalk.  It's like a mini-circular driveway.  You can pull in the 'wrong' direction so your car faces left when standing on the sidewalk looking at the house; this will put your trunk closest to the gate for easy unloading.  Please do not block the driveway for the other side of the duplex.  You may also park on the street.

Current deals

Get a 20% discount for a week long stay and a 45% discount for 28 days or more.

These are automatically applied in the website apps typically.  Inquire about a 25% discount for 2 weeks stay and 30% for 3 weeks.

Bike rentals $15/week (or stay if shorter) for BOTH bikes, not per bike, includes 6' combo locking chain for security when you decide to go into a shop or restaurant and use of a Ryobi One+ inflator with automatic shutoff.

Do I need to bring a robe or beach towel to use in the spa area?

Two plus hooded cotton robes with pockets are hanging in the closet for you to use.

Beach towels are located in the storage bench by the soaking tub, along with cushions and pillows for the chairs.  You should bring flip flops to wear out to the soaking tub and perhaps some comfy house slippers for inside the house.

What's in the Directory?

The Directory has numerous pages to it.  It has a 6 or 7 page document that lists Where to Find Stuff in alphabetical order; Celeste's Favs (restaurants for now); a Directory of Art with the provenance of all the art by room; several Instruction pages to help you figure out the Heater/AC, Keurig, Wifi, Washer/Dryer, Sofa bed, Mirage Heat-focusing Patio Heater (seasonal) etc.